Gentle Touch Dog Training, LLC - TELLINGTON TTOUCH
Gentle Touch Dog Training, LLC - A Victoria Stilwell PositivelyTrainer and TTouch Practitioner

The Tellington TTouch is a valuable tool that can help animals overcome a variety of problems including:

Dislike of contact
Fear of the vet                           Grooming issues                                  Handling issues                                          Reluctance to be petted
Defensiveness due to injury   Hand shyness
Noise sensitivity
Fear of thunder                         Fear of fireworks  
Reaction to household noise  Gun Shyness
Lack of balance        
Leash pulling                              Stumbling                       
Training difficulties                    Poor performance (Agility)
Gait irregularities                       Stiffness
Jumping up                                 Excessive chewing                                       Excitability                                  Spinning
Excessive panting                     Pacing   
Lack of concentration               Inability to settle
Fear biting                                  Timidity                  
Lack of confidence                    Reluctance to socialize
Separation anxiety                   Jealousy
Travelling Issues
Excitability                                Excessive Vocalization
Vomiting                                    Excessive Salivation
Reluctance to get in car          Restlessness
The Tellington TTouch is a teaching method for animals that incorporates body work, and ground exercises where appropriate, to help improve co-ordination, balance, and athletic ability whilst deepening further communication and understanding between the animal and its owner/carer
TTOUCH helps increase levels of self-confidence, self-awareness and self-control.
Developed by Linda Tellington-Jones, TTEAM and TTOUCH are used widely in many countries across the world by shelter assistants, dog trainers, zoos, veterinarians, therapists and pet owners.
With its roots in the Feldenkrais method of Awareness Through Movement, TTOUCH techniques gently guide the animal through non-habitual exercises that can alter existing habitual patterns. As posture affects behaviour, many owners and carers note that unwanted behaviour diminishes as the animals posture improves.    TTOUCH teaches the animal to act, rather than simply re-act.

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